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P W Marina LLC
76 Shore Road
Port Washington, NY 11050
(516) 767‐0113

The boating season will be considered 6 months from
May 1st to November 1st
Deposit of ½ of total rate with application must be returned
By April 15th to reserve a space
$ per foot is the rate for the space allocated for your boat.
• Any granting of moorings, dockage or facilities hereunder is with the distinct understanding, and the applicant hereby agrees, that P W Marina LLC assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the safety of any vessel or vessels docked at the Marina or moored or anchored in adjoining waters and will not be liable for fire, theft or damage to said vessel, its equipment or any property in or on said vessel, however arising. The applicant agrees that the mooring, docking or anchoring of any vessel hereunder shall be at his own risk.
The applicant must fully realize and make clear to his guests that every person must exercise caution and common sense when using docks and walkways. Applicant agrees when signing that he is fully responsible for the safety and behavior of his guests.
The applicant further agrees that he and his guests will abide by any and all fleet rules and property rules which may be made by P W Marina LLC for the safety, convenience and pleasure of all.
P W Marina LLC reserves the sole right to sublet any dock space in the absence of the boat assigned to said dock and the dock space is not transferable to new owner in the event of sale of boat.
P W Marina LLC reserves the right to forfeit the applicant’s reservation for a violation of fleet or property rules or for untoward conduct.
NOTE: For your safety and our records, PLEASE complete and sign before returning.
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